Protect Manitoba Jobs. Stop Bill 4.

Project Labour Agreements have been used since the 1960s to protect the safety, security and quality of Manitoba public sector construction jobs. They add significant community benefit by using tax dollars to support work for Manitobans and create training and apprenticeship opportunities for young Manitobans including women, new Canadians and Indigenous youth. Add your voice to support Manitobans working on Manitoba projects.

Join us to protect reliable jobs in Manitoba.  

Premier Brian Pallister, Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler

The Issue

While Premier Pallister has sent a clear signal by introducing this legislation, there is still time to stop Bill 4 from passing. 

This spring, Brian Pallister’s government introduced Bill 4, a law that would ban the use of Project Labour Agreements on publicly funded construction projects. Project Labour Agreements are the foundation of public construction projects in Manitoba, as well as private and public builds across North America. These agreements put quality first and create community benefits like local employment and training opportunities to grow a local skilled workforce. 

Manitoba Legislative Building

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I write to firmly state my opposition to this bill or any bill that bans project labour agreements (PLAs) in Manitoba. Like the thousands of Manitobans who expressed opposition to Bill 28, I was disappointed when your government introduced the same bill under a different name. I thought your government had realized that such a ban would put the interests of out-of-province construction workers ahead of those of Manitoba workers and communities. PLAs are the number one tool used to prioritize local jobs and on-the-job training, while setting standards so that our projects are built to last. Governments of all stripes have realized this and used PLAs since the 1960s. This bill, if passed, would risk the safety, quality and reliability of public infrastructure projects and puts both our workers and communities at risk. Cheap labour is not skilled and skilled labour is not cheap. We need voices in the Manitoba government who will stand up for workers, both union and non-union. Our workers are second-to-none, but deserve opportunities to learn and grow on the job. PLAs provide them the tools they need. There’s still time to correct course. I ask you to put Manitoba workers ahead of out-of-province construction companies looking to decrease spending at all costs. I ask you to focus on both cost and quality so that our communities benefit from infrastructure projects today and into the future. Most importantly, I ask your government to Stop Bill 4.

Join us to protect reliable jobs in Manitoba.