Protect Manitoba Jobs. Stop bill 28.


This spring, Brian Pallister’s government introduced Bill 28, a law that would ban the use of Project Labour Agreements on publicly funded construction projects.

Project Labour Agreements are the foundation of public construction projects in Manitoba, as well as private and public builds across North America. These agreements put quality first and create community benefits like local employment and training opportunities to grow a local skilled workforce.

  • Project Labour Agreements mandate
  • Fair wages for all workers, union and non-union
  • Preference for local skilled workers over cheaper, out-of-province or out of country alternatives
  • Commitment to apprenticeships and skills development
  • High-quality, high-value building standards
  • Employment opportunities for women, Indigenous peoples and other underrepresented groups
  • Safety-first project environments

Bill 28 charts an unpredictable path forward for Manitoba workers and construction projects, endangering quality, fair wages, apprenticeship opportunities and limiting employment for Manitobans.

Simply put, this legislation takes Manitoba decades back by cutting corners at the expense of Manitobans and their communities.

Premier Pallister has sent a clear signal by introducing this legislation but there is still time to correct course.


Join us to protect Manitoba jobs.