We are all trying to build something.

Manitoba Building Trades understands that Bill 4 removes protections and opportunities for Manitoba’s skilled trades workers – both union and non-union.

Brian Pallister’s commitment to ban Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) shows that he does not support skilled trades workers in the province. The government’s agenda to award projects through cost-based procurement is a race to the bottom paid for off the backs of hard-working, skilled trades professionals.

Project cost savings shouldn’t be found in the pockets of workers. Removing CBAs create an opportunity for contractors to pay workers less, reduce benefits, and seek lower-wage workers from out of province – impacting training and employment opportunities for Manitoba’s local skilled trades workers.

The Progress Conservative government is failing to understand the day to day sacrifice made by our skilled trades professional. A sacrifice our workers make to build the essential infrastructure of our province.

That Manitoba’s skilled trade workers and their communities are supported – should not be too much to ask.

After all, We are all trying to build something.

NDP steps up to support skilled trades workers.

NDP steps up to support workers – delays Bill 4 to fall session.

Earlier this week the NDP announced that they would be carrying Bill 4 over into the fall session, officially removing The Public Sector Construction (Tendering) Act from the legislative agenda this spring. 

View the full NDP statement.

This announcement is an important step forward in our collective fight against Bill 4 (formerly Bill 28). If brought into law, Bill 4 would ban the use of Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs). These agreements are a tool to protect workers, provide opportunity, and support local communities. 

The Progressive Conservative government’s agenda to award projects through cost-based procurement is a race to the bottom paid for off the backs of hard-working, skilled trades professionals.

Cheap labour isn’t skilled, and skilled labour isn’t cheap. 

While the delay is good news, we know that the bill will return this fall. We need your continued support. 

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How we plan to Keep Building Manitoba.

Campaign update.

Last fall we received outpouring support from you and the entire building trades community during our campaign against Premier Pallister’s bill to ban the use of Project Labour Agreements in Manitoba. We thank all of you who followed the campaign and spoke up against a bill that will reduce opportunity and wages for skilled workers in Manitoba.

Despite our best efforts, and a petition signed over 2400 times to end this bill, Brian Pallister’s government has remained committed to putting Manitoba’s skilled workers at risk. We wanted to make sure you, our supporters, know we aren’t giving up the fight. But, we are taking a different approach.

Across the country, we see more and more jurisdictions introduce Community Benefits Agreements. These agreements are merely a different name for the same concept. Project Labour Agreements, which we have been fighting to protect, are Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs).

If Brian Pallister’s government is set on ignoring the interests and livelihoods of thousands of Manitoba’s skilled trades workers, then we owe it to you, and the rest of Manitoba, to be very clear about what we will be losing if Bill 4 were to pass.


What are Community Benefits Agreements? 

  • Community Benefits Agreements maximise value from public tax dollars spent on infrastructure by bringing thousands of Manitobans into the middle class.


  • Community Benefits Agreements set standards for jobs, wages, and safety on job sites.


  • Community Benefits Agreements ensure Manitoba’s skilled workers have access to high-skilled, high-paying jobs.


  • Community Benefits Agreements help provide access to training, apprenticeships and career advancement for youth, women, and Indigenous peoples.


  • Community Benefits Agreements are a tool for poverty reduction, regional economic development, and workforce sustainability.


Here’s how you can continue to help:

  • Learn more about the good that Community Benefits Agreements do for Manitoba by visiting our website: www.letsbuildmb.ca


  • Last year, we sent over 2,200 letters to MLAs about this issue. Sign up again to submit an updated message to your MLA showing your support for Community Benefits Agreements, and please encourage your friends and family to do the same by visiting www.letsbuildmb.ca and filling out the form.


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