Community Benefits

Publicly funded construction projects should put Manitoba workers and communities first. Community Benefits Agreements do exactly this by setting clear standards that protect local employment opportunities and mandate safe, high-quality construction projects.

If local workers can’t benefit from local builds, the Manitoba workforce and economy cannot meet their potential. With good work becoming harder to find in Manitoba, we need Community Benefits Agreements to protect and foster our middle class.

Community Benefits Agreements give workers from all walks of life, including youth, veterans, women, new Canadians, Indigenous peoples and visible minorities access to training, apprenticeships and career advancement. They also ensure projects are built to last so that communities can grow and thrive around key infrastructure projects.

It’s not fair for developers to decrease the cost of labour just so they can increase their profit margins at the expense of properly trained and qualified workers. That’s why governments of all political stripes have relied on Community Benefits Agreements. That’s why this government should halt Bill 4.

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