September 25, 2018Manitoba’s Skilled Workers Say No to Bill 28

Manitoba’s Skilled Workers Say No to Bill 28

Pallister government bill expected to end local hiring practices for Manitoba construction projects

(September 25, 2018, Winnipeg, MB) Today, Manitoba Building Trades, which represents over 8,000 construction and trade professionals, expressed its unequivocal opposition to Bill 28, anti-labour legislation introduced by Brian Pallister’s government this past spring.

The bill, which is expected to be debated in the fall legislative sitting, would ban Project Labour Agreements on public infrastructure projects. Project Labour Agreements are used by both governments and private sector builders across North America to prioritize local jobs, project safety and construction quality.

“We’re loudly and clearly sending a message that publicly-funded construction projects should put Manitoba workers and communities first,” said Sudhir Sandhu, Chief Executive Officer of Manitoba Building Trades. “Brian Pallister’s government may feel pressure from out-of-province construction companies, but this is a bad deal for local workers. And it’s a deal we can’t afford.”

Attendees of the event were in strong agreement that cutting corners on labour cannot and should not be the way for Brian Pallister’s government to find savings. “We know that cheap labour is not skilled and skilled labour is not cheap,” said Marc Lafond, President of Manitoba Building Trades. “If our government cuts corners on training and hiring of local workers that build our schools, hospitals and infrastructure, we all lose in the long run.

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About Manitoba Building Trades

MBT represents the common goals of more than 8,000 construction and trades professionals in our 13 member unions to deliver safe, skilled and highly productive labour. Its advocacy is based on the belief that unionized construction labour is the most competitive alternative for public and private project proponents in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. MBT delivers cost competitive skilled labour while maintaining the highest standards of training, wages and benefits and workplace safety.

MBT’s members and project partners have built and delivered essential infrastructure that supports the economy and future of Manitoba and Canada. In partnership with other provincial councils MBT is part of a network of over 500,000 Canadian construction professionals.

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