April 11, 2019NDP steps up to support skilled trades workers.

NDP steps up to support workers – delays Bill 4 to fall session.

Earlier this week the NDP announced that they would be carrying Bill 4 over into the fall session, officially removing The Public Sector Construction (Tendering) Act from the legislative agenda this spring. 

View the full NDP statement.

This announcement is an important step forward in our collective fight against Bill 4 (formerly Bill 28). If brought into law, Bill 4 would ban the use of Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs). These agreements are a tool to protect workers, provide opportunity, and support local communities. 

The Progressive Conservative government’s agenda to award projects through cost-based procurement is a race to the bottom paid for off the backs of hard-working, skilled trades professionals.

Cheap labour isn’t skilled, and skilled labour isn’t cheap. 

While the delay is good news, we know that the bill will return this fall. We need your continued support. 

Ways you can help

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