April 11, 2019We are all trying to build something.

Manitoba Building Trades understands that Bill 4 removes protections and opportunities for Manitoba’s skilled trades workers – both union and non-union.

Brian Pallister’s commitment to ban Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) shows that he does not support skilled trades workers in the province. The government’s agenda to award projects through cost-based procurement is a race to the bottom paid for off the backs of hard-working, skilled trades professionals.

Project cost savings shouldn’t be found in the pockets of workers. Removing CBAs create an opportunity for contractors to pay workers less, reduce benefits, and seek lower-wage workers from out of province – impacting training and employment opportunities for Manitoba’s local skilled trades workers.

The Progress Conservative government is failing to understand the day to day sacrifice made by our skilled trades professional. A sacrifice our workers make to build the essential infrastructure of our province.

That Manitoba’s skilled trade workers and their communities are supported – should not be too much to ask.

After all, We are all trying to build something.


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