September 24, 2018We’re Ready. Join our Launch Event.

We’re ready.

On September 25th, we will be launching our campaign to Stop Bill 28. Please join us as we present a united front against Brian Pallister’s government. Your attendance will further strengthen our message.

1919 General Strike Monument
(Near the intersection of Market Avenue and Lily Street

September 25, 10:00AM CST

If you’re unable to attend, you can still contribute by visiting and using the form to send a message to Premier Pallister’s government. The form will be available on Sept. 24

If you’re just getting up to speed on the campaign, here’s some background.

Last spring, Brian Pallister’s government introduced Bill 28, which will ban Project Labour Agreements (PLAs). PLAs are agreements that ensure Manitobans build Manitoba. They safeguard fair wages, safety standards and stable employment opportunities for everyone.

Without PLAs, government will inherit unknown risks, including uncertainty over costs, quality and timelines on Manitoba construction sites.

An open door to cut corners on labour costs may be good news for out-of-province developers, but our job sites depend on highly-trained employees with living wages and relevant apprenticeship opportunities.

Bill 28 cuts into the strength of our workforce and makes our skilled workers pay the price for Premier Pallister’s risky maneuver. Say no to Bill 28.


Follow our campaign here to stay up-to-date on the news about Community Benefits Agreements. 


Join us to protect Manitoba jobs.